Tuesday, 5 November 2013

How to Do Seo for youtube videos and rank high

How to Do SEO for youtube videos and rank high

This is a step by step Guide for you.

You upload a video to youtube but dont get much visitors?

This article can help you to get more views on your video, keep reading..

You should think about how people find your video on the web. You must optimise your youtube videos if you want to get more views then normal. there are some good ways that can help to improve your video ranking. If you have a nice video to publish you will need to apply some SEO  efforts to it.

  1. Use keywords in your video title- your video title should match with what people search for
  2. Description of video should be SEO friendly, you should put some keywords on description too.
  3. Rename video files before you upload it to YouTube for publication as youtube let search engine know what your video is about by it real name.
  4. Close caption should be used on your video , For SEO . CC can give your video a good status to youtube search 
  5. Give some good tag on your video, tags are responsible to find your video easily on search 

Google has separate keyword research tool for youtube video, Don't forget to use it to find relevant keywords that can help to get more viewers for your video.

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