Tuesday, 5 November 2013

free domain name registration, how to get a free domain tips

Tips  to get a Free domain for lifetime!

Many people join Internet every day. Many want to earn some bucks from the Internet. For this A free web site with free domain can be the first choice. Most people don't face any problem to buy a domain for their site. But what when you will get a domain without spending any money? 

Here are some Tips for you how you can get a free domain name for starting your web business or blog .

  • First way is to search on Google for a free domain, you will get huge results but 90 percent of them will not give you a free domain so don't waste your time with searching
  • You can do one thing, there are many Web hosts that will give you free domain with their hosting package, you can buy one and get a free domain for life time. for example, www.ipage.com gives you a free domain with web hosting package
  • domain price is not so much, a cheap domain can cost about 2 dollars per year, there  are some survey  sites that will pay you 1 dollar for doing survey and cashout through paypal. you can earn 2 dollars easily and buy  a cheap domain like .info etc.
  • Thats all, my suggestion is to earn some paypal cash first with a  legit money making site, if you cant manage your domain cost. when you get money for buying domain , just grab one domain and go ahead, with good luck!
Author: Dulal Hussain

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